Ice Maker Reviews

What Should You Consider When You’re Choosing an Ice Maker?

Choosing an ice maker is often challenging in a world of online purchasing where there are dozens and dozens of models to choose from. That’s why we have compiled lists of the best ice machines in each category. You can have a look at the top models, and hopefully, gain some clarity in which ice maker will suit you best.

Having an ice maker is a great thing and it allows you to plan for parties and cool your drinks during those hot summer days. With these reviews, you should now have a rough idea about which ice maker is best for you. However, if you have no knowledge of ice makers, the info might still feel a bit alien.

Energy Efficiency

Ice makers consume different amounts of energy and the energy used in the production of ice relates to the running costs of the machine. The higher the amount of energy used, the less efficient a machine is and therefore the more money used in the operation and maintenance of the machine. For domestic use, opt for a machine with reasonable energy consumption.

Commercial Ice Makers

These generally produce more ice than other kinds of ice makers and they are usually used in homes, offices, and businesses to produce ice in large quantities. They are smaller than industrial ice makers but bigger than domestic ice makers. They come in different sizes and production capacities. Under the counter, commercial ice makers are preferred in situations where space is not adequate for a bigger machine and where ice production is not required in high quantities. They often come with a bin inside the ice maker, making the ice maker compact and they normally produce an average of 350 lbs a day, making them suitable for use in small restaurants.