Best Chest Freezer

Whether you’re preparing for the apocalypse, buying whole animals, storing veggies because you hate canning, or just need a bunch of ice and cold booze, a chest freezer makes a lot of sense.

Modern appliances are all fairly efficient and have few features, so your major concerns should be capacity and size.

How much storage do you need and how much space do you have? With that in mind, make sure to measure your space and look over the chart below for the size and capacity of each chest freezer.


Chest Freezer NameCapacitySize (inches)Weight 
(Editor's Choice)
7.2 cu.ft.22.2 x 39.9 x 33.181 lbsCheck Price
(Clear Top)
9 cu.ft.27.8 x 39 x 34.5125 lbsCheck Price
5 cu.ft.22 x 28.5 x 33.272 lbsCheck Price
5 cu.ft.22.8 x 32.4 x 32.968 lbsCheck Price
(Best Portable)
3.34 cu.ft.33 x 24 x 1964 lbsCheck Price
(Propane/Gas Freezer)
6.7 cu.ft.39.6 x 27.9 x 35.8165 lbsCheck Price
8.7 cu.ft.24 x 46 x 33207 lbsCheck Price
Zebra Products
(Ice-Cream Freezer)
20 cu.ft.66.2 x 27.3 x 33.4200 lbsCheck Price

Danby Chest Freezer

Danby Chest Freezer

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The Danby DCF072A2WDB is a versatile and spacious chest freezer that’s ideal for all types of frozen foods and ice-cream.

This product is still in the category of small freezers but provides the most space for its price range. Capable of holding up to 336 pints of ice-cream, it well surpasses most other small freezers you can buy on Amazon today.

Larger units are available but then that translates to higher costs and running costs. The Danby DCF072A2WDB is a clever buy for savvy businesses and home users. You get more storage space for less and takes up less floor area.

  • 7.2 cu ft. capacity
  • Environmentally friendly r600a refrigerant
  • Energy efficiency
  • 1 compartment divider
  • Removable basket
  • Power on indicator

Minimal clearance at the back and either side

This freezer requires minimal clearance on either side to the side and front and only 5 inches at the back. It is one of the smaller but spacious ones that you can fit in out-of-the-way spots to make the most of your available floor space whether commercial or at home.

Precision Temperature Regulation

Temperature control is done by way of a mechanical dial but it is pretty accurate the on this freezer so it becomes easy to keep cool foods in the optimal temperature range. The power indicator ensures you are able to see when the power is out and save your foods in time. The basket is removable making it easier to clean and reorganize your freezer.

Quick Defrost

A manual defrost is necessary which is easy satisfying work that will take only a few minutes of your time. The Danby DCF072A2WDB includes an inbuilt drain feature which makes it easier to clean. The downside to this purchase is the lack of security lock features which means children might tamper with foods.

Get Installation Right with Adjustable Leg Height

With adjustable legs, the Danby DCF072A2WDB can be easily leveled to ensure stable positioning and proper functioning of the cooling mechanism. The compact freezer is also slightly taller than other compact freezers meaning you get to save more on space and store up to a full 7.2 cu ft of your favorite frozen foods without worry.

More Storage for Less

The key buying point of the Danby DCF072A2WDB is the capacity and durability. It is taller and wider than most of the chests in its category and will allow you to freeze more foods for the coming period. It is highly efficient and dependable for long life and excellent performance under all weather.

If you buy the Danby DCF072A2WDB freezer right now on Amazon you will get a 12-month warranty for your product. This means twelve months of worry-free use and you can count on your freezer to function flawlessly for many more to come.

Simple Elegance and Style

The elegant soft white finish is neutral and will go well with any interior design and complement any store well. The cabinet and rounded lid features are ergonomic and energy efficient all at the same time. With this purchase, users can reduce electricity bills and also reduce carbon footprint with environmentally friendly refrigeration.

Atosa Chest Freezer

Atosa Chest Freezer

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The Atosa MMF9109 features an attractive angle curved top glass doors mean better visibility of products inside this freezer by your customers at a store or restaurant. The beautiful ergonomic design adds to the beauty of your space just as much as it saves you money on energy bills.

High-quality tempered glass is used for clarity, ease of cleaning, and scratch/break resistance of the freezer doors.

Key features of the Atosa MMF9109

  • Special design for icecream and other frozen foods
  • Thick foamed insulation walls to save energy
  • Impressive cooling range
  • Cleanable white aluminum interior
  • 2” diam stem castors
  • Easy to defrost and drain
  • Measures 39x27x34.5’’ (H) – 9 cubic feet.
  • Door lock features

The Atosa MMF9109 carries five stars on average with consumer feedback indicating a premium quality and durable freezer for commercial use. when you need to keep your items coolest at the lowest energy consumption rate then you look to a leading manufacturer like Atosa for a cheap energy saving freezer.

Drawing only 215 watts from the grid, Atosa MMF9109 is an impressive energy saver judging by its size. It is one of the most efficient freezers of its size and a winner in its price range.

The Atosa freezer is a stylish option that adds to the beauty of your shop and will impress all your customers. The tempered glass angled coverture is a show stealer and will make your goods more noticeable to passersby. If you are going to invest a good amount of money for a business freezer then on top of the functionality, it better be good looking as well. The Atosa will make sure of this.

Atosa MMF9109 will enable you to cool between -10o F and -1oF depending on your requirements to keep your items fresh. Additionally, it includes some very practical cleanliness and safety features integrated into the design of the chest. It makes it easier to keep the chest spotlessly clean and defrosted while making it failsafe for your customer experience.

The Atosa design is built to keep the cool in and warmth out at all times even with the intermittent door opening. This makes the unit ideal for frozen foods and ice cream. The sliding door mechanism makes Atosa MMF9109 super easy to operate even when your store is crowded with customers. Because it is angled, it easily lines up against a wall or shelves so that it can be accessed from one direction saving on space.

You will love the defrost drain which very easy to work on this machine. You can drain comfortably by yourself and also quickly so that you can go back to serving your customers.

If you buy the Atosa MMF9109 on Amazon today, you get a 12 months warranty on parts and labor and a confident 5 years cover for the compressor. Goes a long way to show how much the manufacturer trusts the product themselves. Overall, this is a wise choice to suit all businesses.

Haier Chest Freezer

Haier Chest Freezer

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The Haier HF50CM23NW 5.0 cu.ft. is one of the most awesome chest freezers you can get on Amazon today. It is a smooth running low energy consuming premium freezer you can rely on for all your frozen food needs. Working in conjunction with an average normal-sized refrigerator, the Haier HF50CM23NW 5.0 cu.ft. is more than enough for a family of five. It is exceptionally light and above par in terms of performance.

Here are some highlights of the Haier HF50CM23NW 5.0 cu.ft. that you might also like

  • Spacious for a small freezer
  • Easy to organize chest freezer
  • Removable basket feature
  • Low power consumption Energy-star compliant
  • Compact freezer measuring 35.1″x30.5″x23.1″ (depth)
  • Soft white shade for easy blending into existing décor

The strong point of buying this product is its low energy consumption in line with the latest standards of manufacturing and it’s lightweight meaning you can install and move it about easily. It is a small sized but roomy freezer on the inside fitted with some of the best insulation foam to ensure that the warmth stays out and your foods.

You can easily fit this in a small out-of-the-way spot in your garage and still save room for all your other stuff.

The removable basket comes in handy when it comes time to clean and defrost your freezer and the smooth glossy material proves super easy to clean and keep spotless. Further, manual defrosting is more fulfilling and less susceptible to failure.

This energy star qualified freezer draws a mere 216 kWh per annum which will save you a great deal of money on power bills. A huge advantage of the Haier HF50CM23NW 5.0 cu.ft. is that it does not deteriorate in power consumption over time. It is an excellent choice if you are looking for a bigger freezer that also consumes less power. Larger units will draw more juice. That is guaranteed.

The Haier HF50CM23NW 5.0 cu.ft. gives you 5 cubic feet of storage space and draws less energy from the grid. This is enough space for a medium household or a small restaurant for specialized storage. However, their features are only basic and the average cost of using several freezers is more than that of a larger unit. Also, it lacks useful features like a power light and door lock features. Also, its legs are not adjustable and can be difficult to set up on a slanting surface.

When you need a small but spacious freezer, the Haier HF50CM23NW 5.0 cu.ft. is your go-to-product for a freezer that will let you organize all your favorite frozen foods in a simple manner for easy retrieval. With this freezer, you can easily store what you need on an almost daily basis and also foods that might stay for months in the freezer. It is the most affordable and practical freezer that saves you money and energy.

Koolatron Chest Freezer

Koolatron Chest Freezer

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The Koolatron 5.5 cu.ft. chest freezer is the perfect freezer to buy today on Amazon if you are in need of a general-purpose home freezer that can also match the demand for a cottage and workplace. It features front mount thermostat that offers adjustment and programmable temperature control to ensure the safety of its contents. It is a small compact freezer taking up minimal space on the floor but still offers a generous 5.5 cu ft of storage on the inside.

Key features

  • Includes ice maker
  • Energy star compliant freezer
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Defrost drain
  • Easy to clean interior linning
  • R600A environmentally friendly refrigerant
  • Recessed handle
  • DOE compliant technology
  • Single flip up lid for ease of access
  • Smooth back design
  • Durable Metal backboard

The Koolatron KTCF155 5.0 cu.ft. is a good purchase when you need a small chest freezer that can handle the needs of your medium household or cottage and that can save on space and energy bills. The white finish will easily go with any background and thus match your interior décor without much fuss.

The Koolatron KTCF155 is approximately 155 liters capacity and that is pretty impressive for this category of a freezer. This particular model features easy to defrost features with a defrost drain already in place. Further, the interior is made from a special glossy easy to clean liner that does not stain and interior baskets that make it easier to sort foods under storage. Below are some key selling points of the Koolatron KTCF155 5.0 cu.ft. as well as the shortcomings.

For the size and feature package of the Koolatron KTCF155 5.0 cu.ft., it is weAmazonth the price on Amazon which is way more affordable than buying the same or other similar products from elsewhere. Most people who bought this product had positive feedback reporting that it took very little space and yet after storing all their important foods, they still had room left over for several gallons of water.

The Koolatron KTCF155 5.0 cu.ft. qualifies for several energy-saving certifications and draws less on your power meaning you can offset a few useful dollars on energy bills. It has an impressive temperature cooling range and versatility of use meaning you can take advantage of all your domestic frozen foods needs.

For all medium household freezer requirements, the Koolatron KTCF155 5.0 cu.ft. will suffice but it is still a smaller freezer than would be necessary for a restaurant. Running multiple of these could easily pile the cost of operation and maintenance and therefore this is not a suitable choice for those shopping for more storage space. As a rule of thumbs, we buy more space than we think we need for special occasions when we have friends and family coming over.

Just the same, if you decide to buy the Koolatron KTCF155 5.0 cu.ft. today on Amazon, you will get exclusive wholesale prices and genuine freezer that you can be proud to own for years to come.

HPW Chest Freezer

HPW Chest Freezer

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We all need refrigeration even when traveling, camping, food trucking, etc. An ideal portable electric cooler is a necessity if you are to travel comfortably. The 100 Quart Portable Electric Cooler Refrigerator Chest Freezer now available on Amazon is one of the latest cutting-edge technology coolers that you should be considering buying. With cool energy efficient and user control adjustments, this freezer takes traveling with cool drinks and refrigerated foods to a whole new level.

Below are some highlights of purchase points for the 100 Quart Portable Electric Cooler Refrigerator Chest Freezer. Also, we take a quick recap of customer sentiments and the negative traits of the product so you can make an informed purchase decision.

  • Light weight portable freezer
  • 32″x24″x19″ 100 quart chest freezing refrigerator
  • Black and grey color variants
  • Low energy device
  • Low noise refrigerator

Light and elegant design

Weighing only about 64 pounds, the 100 Quart Portable electric cooler comes with minimum baggage to your home on wheels. At the lightweight, this equipment is worth tagging along as it doubles as a refrigerator and deep freezer with excellent deep chilling down performance.

For its low energy requirements, it will do a better job than most of its non-portable counterparts.

Energy saver!

This cooler features an impressive cooling technology that allows it to surpass the -18oC to 10oC which is pretty impressive for a portable freezer/refrigerator combo. The innovative design allows for energy savings and durability.

Roomy mini-portable cooler

Measuring 3.34 cubic feet inside, this mini igloo cooler is a handy piece of equipment that can meet several refrigeration needs. You get to enjoy all these useful savvy features at the cost of minimal space in your office, home or vehicle. It also features a simple single door design and thoughtful interior lighting.

Low noise

Low noise is such an important factor to consider when choosing suitable refrigerators that will not be constantly irritating. The 100 Quart Portable Electric Cooler is one of the most silent portable refrigerators on Amazon with a low 45dB noise rating. Customer feedback indicates that the noise level does not increase with usage as is the case with some cheaper refrigerators.

Worth it?

The 100 Quart Portable Electric Cooler Refrigerator Chest Freezer is a premium quality product and offers more functionality and practicability than most units in the market today. Whether it is for RVs, a boat, campsite, or for home and office use, this spacious cooler is a viable contestant that will save on space energy and produce only a soft humming sound.

The key buying point of the 100 Quart Portable Electric Cooler Refrigerator Chest Freezer is perhaps its volatility of use with the ability to plug right into the wall outlet of your home or office and just as readily to a 12V car battery source.

The 100 Quart Portable Electric Cooler Refrigerator Chest Freezer is ultimately a worthy purchase with more value in it than its affordable price. It is an ideal freezer for RV traveling picnic homes and camping trips.

With its digital temperature control interface combined with low energy consumption design, the 100 Quart Portable Electric Cooler Refrigerator Chest Freezer best value for your money with a pleasurable ownership experience.

Smad Chest Freezer

Smad Chest Freezer

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The Smad Propane Freezer is a domestic low propane consumption gas freezer with zero vibration and no noise. This freezer reduces your carbon footprint with zero emissions, no Freon and extremely low energy consumption.

It the ideal purchase for savvy homeowners, farms, cottages, chalets and other off-grid places where it’s difficult to connect to power supply all the time. It plugs into a regular 110V outlet in addition to 12 V and 24 V dc as far as electric is concerned.

Below are some of the key likable features of the Smad Propane Freezer

  • 2-way Chest Freezer
  • LPG 110 V Gas freezer
  • Chest freezer
  • 7 cu ft. white
  • Low noise
  • Vibration free
  • Low propane consumption
  • Ample 7 cu ft storage capacity

Smad Propane Freezer comes with a suitable adapter for in case you need to use solar power. It can keep your foods chilled even without connectivity to the power grid provided you install the correct solar power capacity in your home.

Alternatively, you can apply 110 VAC power from a socket outlet in the wall and still enjoy energy savings.

The Smad Propane Freezer features a sensitive temperature fine-tuning mechanism so that you can get the cooling right for different kind of foods. Further, it has an elegant white finish that makes it match almost any color scheme you might choose for your interiors.

The insulation on your Smad Propane Freezer is top notch and keeps everything inside chilled and the warm outside without having to work so hard. In fact, the Smad propane freezer is commercial grade and can be suitable for restaurants and other commercial establishments that need reliable refrigeration and deep freezing.

When in need of an ice cream freezer, you need to look no further than the Smad Propane Freezer for it is a multifunctional device suitable for use as both a fridge and as a freezer. Because it plugs correctly into the regular 110V supply and DC 12V and 24V for other sources, it is ideal for a moving ice-cream vendor too.

Smad Propane Freezer is reportedly durable and highly efficient after years of use. It comes with a warranty cover on all features and functionality for worry-free usage. The freezer features the same reliable cooling technologies you find in premium freezers but goes for incredibly less.

The downside to the Smad Propane Freezer is that it comes with a gas/electric thermostat but does not come with a regulator and hose which you can buy here.

The key selling points of the Smad Propane Freezer could be the zero noise and emissions design as well as the elegant finish not to forget the versatility of use. For an electric/ gas freezer, the Smad Propane Freezer is worth much more than you pay for it on Amazon. Get it for less here.

You will not regret getting a multi-powered and adaptable multifunctional freezer than also offers ample and reliable storage for all your frozen foods requirements.

Summit Chest Freezer

Summit Chest Freezer

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The Summit VT85IB is a medium-sized commercial grade chest freezer by White Mountain weighing a little less than 210 pounds. With a generous 8.7 cubic feet of available interior storage space and ability to dive to a deep -30 degrees Celsius, this stand-alone freezer is more than just a domestic freezer.

I can reliably hold temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals and other goods for commercial use. capable of long-term preservation of frozen foods with stable temperature regulation and safety features, the Summit VT85IB is a go-to for optimal performance and smooth operation.

  • Commercial freezer listed to NSF-7 standards
  • Meets UL-471
  • Capable of -30º for deep frozen long lasting foods
  • Lockable for security
  • Suitable for food and pharmaceuticals preservation
  • Contains blue ice banks for steady temperature stability
  • High precision temperature control with UL-471 thermostat

The factory installed locks with key mechanism is very thoughtful for a freezer that can hold so much value in foods and chemicals. If you have kids, this will keep them from tampering with your frozen items which could lead to losses.

The manual defrost operation is safer and more fulfilling for when you need to clean your freezer. This model is particularly easy to clean with seamless anti-stain interiors. The insulation on the walls is good enough while blue ice pockets allow for temperature stabilization even when switching over power supplies. Temperature spikes are not possible with this feature in place.

The Summit VT85IB features a state of the art digital thermostat and a battery-powered thermometer sensing mechanism with digital controls. Furthermore, the freezer gives an audible alarm warning when temperatures shift downward or upward. This can guard against loss of precious foods and vaccines you might have had for a long time.

The Summit VT85IB is a fully-featured freezer capable of reaching deep freezing temperatures for serious and reliable refrigeration needs. The battery-powered thermometer built into the chest keeps working even in case of an outage and warns when temperatures start rising.

The Summit VT85IB chest freezer has corner guards to protect it against bumps and dents that commonly happen to freezer chests. Also, it comes with counterbalanced hinges that make it effortless to lift the lid.

The non-toxic blue ice featured in this model provides reliable temperature stability even in the event of a blackout spanning several hours. This feature makes the Summit VT85IB an ideal choice for restaurants where the power might be cut during the night when the freezer is unattended.

The downside to buying the Summit VT85IB could be its larger space and obvious slightly higher power consumption compared to some of the smaller units available for singles and small families. It is commercial grade and therefore also more expensive.

We recommend this freezer only if your current space requirements are close to the specified 8.7 cu ft since freezers work best when full.

That said, the Summit VT85IB is one of the most reliable and worthy purchases you can have for a deep freezer on Amazon today.

Zebra Chest Freezer

Zebra Chest Freezer

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An ice-cream freezer is an inevitable investment for each and every restaurant or street vendor looking to make money on ice cream. Ice cream requires sub-zero temperatures to survive the heat on a sunny day when it is normally on high demand.

Getting your first or subsequent freezer purchase right is critical to saving money for your business as well as avoiding excessive losses of the product and a displeased customer base.

Now Zebra equipment has released yet another amazing freezer for ice cream called the Zebra Equipment – Chest Ice-Cream Freezer that you can buy now on Amazon.

What are the cool features of the Zebra Equipment – Chest Ice-Cream Freezer

  • ETL certified freezer for ice cream
  • 7 baskets
  • 66.2″x27.3″x33.4″(H) spacious freezer
  • Wholesale price
  • Printed freezer
  • Scrapper and drain tray

Space-saving roomy ice-cream freezer

The compact design of the Zebra Equipment – Chest Ice-Cream Freezer means it takes up less floor space but makes room for more goods inside.

Comparing the price range and the size of this freezer, there is no doubt that it is one of the most affordable on the market. And more importantly, it makes a good purchase you can rely on for commercial productivity purposes.

This printed freezer is very attractive and will add to the glamour of your restaurant or shop front appearance. It comes with beautiful high definition graphics with several variants to choose from. You can simply find one that matches your indoor color scheme here.

With the Zebra Equipment – Chest Ice-Cream Freezer lockable lid with key access mechanism, you can protect your goods from unauthorized access even if the shop is left unattended. The unit comes with a unique set of keys that cannot easily be interchangeable. Keeping your ice-cream under lockup is only optional if you are sure of the security.

The scrapper and drain tray all come in handy when it comes to cleaning the product among other thoughtful ergonomic features typical of Zebra Equipment.

Is Zebra Equipment – Chest Ice-Cream Freezer worth it?

These and more features make the Zebra Equipment – Chest Ice-Cream Freezer a worthy purchase and an excellent energy-saving performance chest freezer. Other freezers of its size and capabilities are certainly much pricier and the 12 months warranty shows Zebra Equipment’s commitment to quality products. This freezer is excellent for restaurants, stores and all vendors of ice cream products.

And the bad

The potential setbacks of buying the Zebra Equipment – Chest Ice-Cream Freezer might be the fact that no battery pack is included with the product for power outages. If you already have a backup plan in place as you ought to, you have nothing to lose.

Zebra Equipment is a seasoned restaurant-grade equipment manufacturer offering a wide range of quality high energy efficiency equipment at incredibly affordable rates. From dipping cabinets to open refrigerators for stores to food prep tables, their products are some of the most reliable on the market today.

The Zebra Equipment – Chest Ice-Cream Freezer from their SD series is a leader and top seller in its price range and is worthy of consideration for a suitably affordable ice-cream freezer.

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