How Do Ice Makers Work

Scotsman Ice Machine

When one pushes the button and waits for an ice maker to pop out the ice, not much thought goes into the intricate process involved in the production of ice. Ice making is not as simple a process as it looks. All ice makers work in the same way by making use of four key components: the condenser, the evaporator, the throttle valve, and the compressor.

The compressor works by compressing low-pressure refrigerant vapor to high-pressure refrigerant vapor. The high-pressure refrigerant vapor is then passed on to the condenser where the vapor is condensed into a high-pressure liquid. This liquid is then drained to the throttle valve where it is turned into a low-pressure liquid. The liquid is then taken to an evaporator where a heat exchange is done, thereby creating ice. That makes up one refrigeration cycle which will be repeated depending on the quantity of ice required.

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